Sandrine Plante


Sandrine Plante is a French sculptor born in 1974 in Clermont-Ferrand. On her father's side, she is from Reunion Island. At the age of 8 years old, she felt the call for sculpture. Sandrine studied art history in Auvergne, France before perfecting her sculpture techniques at Jean Chauchard atelier, Roma, Italy, the school of Volvic stone carving and architecture of Puy de Dome, France, and Gigi Guadagnucci Massa atelier, Carrara, Italy. In 2023, Sandrine received highest level of recognition by the french art, sciences and literature academy: The "vermeille" Medal. Sandrine Plante works have been commission by the Legacy Museum Montgomery Alabama USA 2023, The European Museum of Blues music, France 2023, The garden of the Museum of fine arts in Bordeaux, France, 2019, Gorée Island Museum and memorial, Senegal, Africa, 2019, The Museum of Villèle, Réunion island 2018, The museum of slavery in Martinique island. Since 2021, Sandrine is collaborating with Krystel Ann Art. The gallery exhibited her in art fairs, spaces and institutions in Paris, Guadeloupe island, Martinique island, Madrid, Lisbon.
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