Celebrating the Caribbean
The longest running art fair in the Caribbean

Our Long History Is Just The Beginning

Celebrating the Arts & Culture of the Caribbean

The Caribbean- known for its pulsating reggae and calypso rhythms, its white sand beaches and spicy cuisine. Yet, much remains unknown about the richness of the region’s cultural assets such as its writers, designers, visual and performing artists. This, despite the fact that Caribbean Americans are a growing component of the US population and those of Caribbean ancestry have made significant contributions to the American and European cultural landscape. CaFA captures the diversity and creativity of Caribbean art by combining educational programs and stirring cultural events including:

music, film, theater and fashion. Now, in the world of "New Normal" we introduce Caribbean.Global offering online events to reach an even broader international market. This powerful, new outlet added to our ever-growing roster of international events is just another step in maintaining our standing as the preeminent producer of events presenting Caribbean Culture- We hope you'll join us in support and celebration of our beautiful and vibrant part of the world!

The Caribbean reality resembles the wildest imagination.
― Gabriel Garcia Marquez
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