Petra Emmanuel


Petra Emmanuel has always been a creative soul. From very young, a pencil and paper were her best friends, as she sketched various shapes in black and white. Having spent many days in the art room at The Combermere School, quietly engaging the artistic genius of Mr. Karl Broodhagen, she was steadily introduced to the world of colour. Although she possessed an innate artistic talent, it was never fully explored until well into her adult years. It was the encouragement of her three children which led her into the public domain, to finally let others see the work she had done in the span of over 10 years. In 2017, she entered the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (NIFCA) for the first time and won an award for her unusual triangular piece entitled, “Daytime Sail”. The frame was created by this gifted artist, who has since developed a passion for creating Relief art in her unique mixed media pieces. Her primary medium is acrylic paint and a variety of materials, including Barbados mahogany. Apart from NIFCA awards and exhibitions, she has expanded on her creative reach and has displayed her work digitally and physically at annual Crop Over Exhibitions, the Gallery of Caribbean Art, as well as at group shows held at the Barbados Arts Council, ArtSplash Art Gallery and the Artiverse virtual exhibition, Artphoria! 2.

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