Megan Maguire


Meg Maquire is an artist, farmer and student currently completing master’s degrees in psychology and social work at the University of the US Virgin Islands. She was introduced to visual arts by her Senegalese born father whose body of work was strongly African with a focus on reverence for mother spirits & warriors. Her mother was a healer, and the subject of many of her father’s works. Meg began her art career as a ghostwriter, but after meeting and working with Barbadian sculptor Ras Ilix several years ago in Barbados, finally found the courage to pick up her father’s tools and begin sculpting. Her primary mediums are terra cotta and mahogany, but she has also begun work on a body of large, soft fiber sculptures by combining clay, crochet, knitting, loom work, and papier-mâché. Mentored by Ras Ilix in basic techniques and encouraged to develop her dormant skills, Meg’s artworks are created from a feeling, using the simplicity of “rise” and “fall”, a concept introduced to her by Ras Ilix. The content of her work varies greatly, but usually pays loving tribute to both her Irish and Senegalese ancestry, and a lifelong infatuation with the sea. “Sculpture to me is a form of physical poetry. Rhythm and flow being found in grain & shape instead of rhyme and word.”

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