Marica Honychurch

Artist Statement:

“My primary focus in photography is the area of conceptual portraiture and cultural documentary. When it comes to conceptual portraiture, my inspirations and work are derived from my interactions with personalities, culture and nature which I transform into my surreal imagery.”

Artist Bio:

Embarking on a visual Odyssey where conceptual portraiture meets cultural narrative, captured through the lens of artistry. Marica is a photographer trained in film and darkroom processes before transitioning over to digital commercial photography. After several years in the New York fashion 

photography scene, she decided to return to her homeland and re-immerse herself in the culture to blossom in her desired fields of documentary, travel, portrait photography, and videography. 

Her professional achievements include shooting for clients such as UNDP and UNICEF, publications in magazines and online (e.g., Wall Street Journal, NY Book Review, World Bride 

Magazine, and Dominica Traveler), her most recent works exhibited in Biennial of the Americas; Fabrica De Arte in Denver, CO, USA, and photographing for the book ‘Still Standing: The Ti Kais of Dominica’. She holds a B.F.A at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and co-owns a business 

called Blue Curtain Creative with her sister.

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