Malique Shorey


Malique Shorey is a formally trained fine artist who works outside of the traditional bounds of art by using design, painting, sculpture, and storytelling to create not only a set of artworks but also a space for them to exist and belong in. His works consist of paintings executed in acrylic. He is a graduate of Barbados Community College and holds an Associates Degree in Fine Art. His work has been displayed at The Barbados Community College Gallery, The Barbados Museum and Historical Society (BMHS) and most recently at the 11th Annual Caribbean Fine Art Fair 2021. Malique is not confined to the galleries, he has experience designing logos for companies and tattoos to permanently adorn skin. He has worked and has been trained as a Junior Curator at the BMHS and has acted as assistant to a senior conservator undertaking a condition survey of the Barbados National Art Gallery.

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