Malique Shorey


Malique Shorey was born in Barbados on February 6th, 2000. He was not an artist initially, he was more of an aspirant to greater things or a dreamer but always to something vague and unsure, always fleeting. His path as an artist started on a whim after his CSEC exams. With no clear route at the time he chose to go to the Barbados Community College and obtain an Associate Degree in Fine Art. Now his body of works consist mainly of small and medium sized paintings, but he seek to extend outside of traditional bounds of art by using sculpture, painting, storytelling and design to create not only a set of art works but also a space for them to exist and belong. Malique’s work has been displayed at The Barbados Community College Gallery and at the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. Not one to be confined to just the galleries, he has also created logos and tattoo designs for companies and individuals alike.  

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