Lisa Dubois


Lisa DuBois is a curator, visual artist and writer dedicated to exploring subcultures within the broader fabric of mainstream society. Her ethnographic photojournalism aims to enlighten and inspire viewers to consider other cultures in a deeper and meaningful way. Preserving and promoting awareness of cultural diversity, as revealed through ritual and performance, is at the center of her artistic mission. DuBois received a degree from the Germain School of Photography and a BFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited nationally and in India, France and Greece. She has freelanced for Getty Images and The New York Daily News and has been recognized by The Guardian and New York Times for her tenure as curator of Harlem’s X Gallery. She’s currently Diversity Advisor and Photo Editor for Social Documentary Network. In 2023, Lisa received a BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) Grant and a

grant from En Foco.

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