Jaddict received his artistic training in Martinique as well as Lyon, Toulouse and Valence, France. “I am a graphic designer, textile designer and visual artist. I live in Martinique. I like to observe human behavior and understand how it works. Each being is unique and one of the qualities sometimes buried deep within him. Highlight this potential that each of us has, discover it, assume it or create a questioning in the other. “Be Yourself you are magic” is the slogan of the clothing brand that I created: “Jaddict Créations”. This sentence is also recurrent in my works. I am often inspired by strong personalities such as Lumina Sophie, Frida Kahlo, Jean-Michel Basquiat, their stories challenge me. I use different media, different techniques in my works but I particularly like the technique of «collage» whether digital or physical. My Franco-Algerian origins made me want to travel and discover the world. I lived a year in Egypt, a year in Australia. Countries like Senegal and Bali particularly marked me. I appreciated the smells, the colors, the culture, as well as the inhabitants I was able to meet. I like to learn and live new experiences, getting out of my comfort zone, inspires me in my work. My goals are to develop my art internationally as well as my clothing brand. Traveling and doing residencies with other artists in order to discuss different techniques and acquire new know-how and new experiences.”

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