Hilroy Fingal


Hilroy Fingal is a 52-year-old Dominican artist who resides at home in Dominica, “The nature island of the Caribbean”. Hilroy studied art in high school and continued through private instruction. His love of drawing began at a very young age and the passion continues today. His mediums include acrylic, water colour, pencil, pen, charcoal, and airbrush. Other creative skills include sculpting in wood, metal, and papier mâché, jewelry making and fabric painting.

Hilroy has exhibited frequently over the years. Recent outdoor installations which include his participation with the Waitukubuli Artist Association (WAA) in 2022, are: the iconic Dominica artInstallation at the Dominica Cruise Ship Berth in Roseau, commissioned by theDiscover Dominica Authority and the Cadence Lypso Murals which house portraits of Cadence Lypso enthusiasts who were instrumental in developing Cadence Musici n Dominica. Hilroy has worked behind the scenes in the construction and building of the skeleton framework in metal and wood of an 8ft replica of thelate Earl Darius Etienne in Sensay costume. This was exhibited at the VVIPLounge during the World Creole Music Festival in October 2022, and the projectwas commissioned by NexConnex Ltd. His exceptional skill and style are unique to him. Hilroy has taught art in various communities around the island, judged art exhibitions, shows and has done commercial art with businesses in the city.Hilroy has been recognized for his continued development of art on the island by the Cultural Division of the Government of Dominica, and in 2016, earned a special recognition award for Excellence in Art.

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