Francoise Semiramoth

Françoise Sémiramoth, born in 1968 is a Guadeloupean visual artist, graduated from Esaaix Ecole supérieure d’arts Félix Ciccolini in Aix-en-Provence, completed with a Master of fine arts. She lives and works in Marseilles. Francoise Semiramoth’s work is inspired by figurative and abstract artists such as Esther Mahlangu, Bridget Riley, Joseph Alberts, Matisse, and Italian Renaissance. Françoise is experimenting with colors, light, and shades. She is transposing the European master codes and esthetics to the Caribbean setting and narrative. In 2018/2019 “Caravage créole”’s project received grants for visuals arts and creation from Regional Direction of Cultural, Region Sud, City Hall of Marseilles and from the Prime Minister’s office with the Interministerial Delegation for Equal Opportunities for French Overseas. For the past years, she has collaborated closely with the renowned writer Maryse Condé (Alternative Nobel Prize of Literature in 2018, Winner of the Cino Del Duca world Prize in 2021), making small videos and paintings. In 2020, she took part with Maryse Condé at the exhibition “It’s Urgent!” curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist at LUMA Foundation, Arles, France. Françoise Semiramoth has been collaborating with Krystel Ann art gallery since 2020 and exhibited her works in Paris, Lisbon, Miami, Mexico, and Madrid. In 2022, she was awarded at the Brown foundation fellows’ program at the Dora Maar House in Ménerbes and took part of the exhibition “Les amities de Maryse Condé” at Museum of European and Mediterranean civilization- MUCEM. Since 2023, she’s also working with Lois Lambert gallery Santa Monica where she had her first solo show in the United States “Color as a territory”. Françoise Sémiramoth is part of Dora Maar House, Museum of Contemporary Art of Martinique MACMA, FRAC Sud, Multimedia Library Charles Nègre in Grasse and private collections.
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