Elodie Cage-Smith


Elodie Cage-Smith, born in October 1983 on the enchanting French island of Martinique (naturalized Guyanese), is a distinguished artist known for her captivating works that transcend boundaries. Her artistry, characterized by a fusion of diverse techniques and materials, reflects a deep connection to the Caribbean and its rich cultural tapestry. Elodie embarked on her educational journey by acquiring a Professional Baccalaureate in Crafts and Artistic Professions, specializing in Clothing and Fashion Accessories. Subsequently, she honed her skills at the E.R. Burrows School of Art, graduating with a Diploma in Fine Arts. Elodie continued her academic pursuits at the University of Guyana, earning a B.A. Degree in Fine Arts. Demonstrating a commitment to lifelong learning, she obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education (DIPED) in 2023. In addition to her academic achievements, Elodie is an active member of the Guyana Woman Artist (GWWA) community, contributing to the vibrant artistic scene. Her role as a lecturer at the University of Guyana showcases her dedication to nurturing aspiring artists. Elodie Cage-Smith's artistic journey, enriched by a comprehensive education and diverse experiences, continues to unfold, promising an even more vibrant and impactful contribution to the world of art.

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