David Né

David Né Resides and works in Martinique (FWI). Born René-David Nelzin in 1979, he is a multidisciplinary visual artist, mural painter, fashion and object designer. Creator of "Rurban" Street Art. Originally from Guadeloupe, René-David Nelzin is a multidisciplinary visual artist involved in various disciplines such as education, writing, illustration, public speaking, and even fashion design. His versatile work explores a variety of mediums, providing a sharp analysis of contemporary society, often examined in an educational context, from schools to universities. In parallel, his commitment to recycling and sustainable development fuels an approach to social archaeology of Caribbean society. According to Nelzin, the concept of the Creole Garden becomes a space for freedom and cultural reappropriation. Formerly associated with terms like "slave garden," it is transformed into a tool for resistance and mental emancipation. It is a terrain where the artist cultivates a cultural identity defined as contemporary Afro-Caribbean art. His series "Les mises en boîte" offers a scenic vision of painting, combining various materials. Framing choices reflect his interest in photography and cinema, allowing for a precise representation of everyday situations. This "mise en boîte" approach places the viewer in a position of voyeurism into the intimacy of the country. Each artwork projects into a whimsical world, imbued with humor, an aesthetic specific to Creole culture. These creations, expressed through visual parables, present a universe where things are unveiled and hidden, requiring an understanding of specific codes.

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