Claudine Barclais

Born in 1977, intuitive painter Claudine BARCLAIS embodies the essence of singular creativity. Between studies, training, work, marriage, children and divorce, she decided to leave the stress of Paris in 2010 to settle in the Var. However, the decisive turning point came in 2015, when the irresistible call to paint emerged. Instead of imminently investing in the expected school supplies, Claudine, buoyed by this irrepressible inspiration, returned from the races with three canvases and the essentials for painting. In just five months, this new impetus propelled her towards her first exhibition, a veritable artistic tour de force, followed by her first sale at Galerie RAVAISOU in Bandol. Since that founding moment, a whirlwind of exhibitions has marked her career, with some fifteen events both in France and in Martinique, where she chose to return to live in 2017. Navigating virtuously between the spheres of intuitive art and transcendent contemplation, Claudine BARCLAIS fuses the breath of life, light and color to create works where spontaneity, improvisation and energy converge harmoniously, inviting the viewer to travel beyond conventional aestheticism. Her bold experiments finely explore the subtle nuances between rational behavior and intuitive action, unfolding a singular universe born of the exploration of unknown territories, both visible and invisible. Claudine's captivating creations question the soul, language and the powers of representation. Using a variety of tools such as brush, knife and even her fingers, she generates multidimensional renderings, blending the elemental, the cosmic, the intimate and the scriptural. Her dearest wish lies in deep resonance with the Soul, allowing each viewer to interpret the message intended for them through this visionary work. Claudine BARCLAIS has established herself as an outstanding artist, navigating virtuously between the spheres of intuitive art and transcendent contemplation.
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