Carol Sorhaindo

Artist Statement:

“My migratory journey between the UK and Dominica at various stages of life informs concepts of roots, connection and wellbeing. I have a fascination with plants, textiles and fragments. Unravelling historical threads appeals to my investigative nature. My processes are an entangled mix of site exploration, drawing, painting, installation, textiles, natural dyes and reflective writing.”

Artist Bio:

Sorhaindo is a multi-talented individual who is involved in interior design, community engagement, education, strategic planning, and project development. Her experiences include public and private art commissions, art installations, carnival costume design and making, heritage research, writing, and presentations. Carol was the recipient of a Bursary Award from The Textile Society UK for her natural dye research and enlisted in 2022 by The World Reimagined UK commission to paint one of 100 sculptural globes which toured major UK cities highlighting Transatlantic Trade History. 

She holds an MA in Creative Practice gained from Leeds College of Art, UK. She has taken part in Art exhibitions, Residences and Projects in the UK, Caribbean and Dominica.

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