Carla Armour


Carla Armour is a visual artist currently living in Brighton, England. After graduating from Parsons School of Design (NYC) in the 80’s she returned to her Caribbean Island, Dominica where she immersed herself in the island’s Art scene finding her message through abstract symbolism in mixed media paintings, fashion, conceptual and installation art, poetry and spoken word performances. Armour continues to work within her Lifelines series; employing tribal symbols and prehistoric glyph images and markings. Her current work, ‘Resonance’, explores the use of ritual elements and sacred spaces and objects to imbed messages into her pieces. She has participated in shows and exhibitions in the Caribbean, the US, Europe & Namibia, and with the International Art Project: ‘Women of the World, a global collection of art submissions and readings for Literary Festivals and The International Artist Exchange, ‘Carambolage’ consisting of 8 artists from Austria and Dominica.

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