Aaron Hamilton


Aaron Hamilton is an artist and a native of the island of Dominica and the village of Concord where he began and completed his elementary education. At present Mr. Hamilton now resides in the community of Canefield, a few minutes’ drive north of the capital city of Roseau. Aaron has a unique style of painting which brings out his individuality as an artist. He enjoys creating images using pastels, watercolour, ink and pencils, oils, charcoal, and acrylic paint. He declared that a small percentage of his art is influenced by where he lives presently. The Old Mill Cultural Centre where he works is in the vicinity of his home and it allows him to have access to many art supplies. However, his inspiration always goes back to his childhood home where the rivers and mountains with the variety of tints and shades of colors drive his thoughts; this is what compels his art. In addition, the seashore which can be found in his community is presently one of his most favorite or stimulating places. He says, “Most of my paintings are influenced by the community where I grew up. Concord is known as a village with many beautiful flowers, rivers, mountains and trees, those memories can never be forgotten. They are my driving force that is where my creative mind was born.”

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