Danielle Scott

Danielle Scott is a mixed-media assemblage artist and grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey. She graduated from Newark’s Arts High School in 1997 where she received the “Congressional Art’s Award” and her first oil painting was placed in The Capital of the United States for a year. Danielle holds a B.F.A. from the School of Visual Arts in New York, graduating with a triple major in Fine Arts, Art Therapy and Art Education (Honors Fine Arts). Danielle studied under the late famous African American Artist Jack Whitten. Danielle has taught Art at the Academy of the Art’s at Henry Snyder High school in Jersey City for nineteen years. A soft-spoken artist, Danielle has begun to use her art as a conduit to explore bold; fearless, thought-provoking work - work which draws its inspiration largely from her own journey and life experience. Her latest pieces are brazen offerings conveying the intense beauty and wretched pain the artist absorbs from the world around her. She creates using photo montage, found objects, paint, raw materials, old books and collage. From vivid paintings to piercing photography to striking sculptures, all of Danielle’s artistic offerings aim to arrest the viewer and transport them away from the pretentious and into a realm rooted in truth. With heavy influence from a few of the art world's most activated and unapologetic such as Gladys Barker Grauer, Ben Jones, Betty and Alison Saar and Renee Stout, her work is created to enrich and push the needle forward. She chooses to explore and connect the intertwining relationships between social justice, equality, human and women’s rights, police brutality, femininity, and culture. As a woman, a mother and self-identified lesbian, Afro-Cuban, Polish-Jew in America, Danielle Scott’s perspective has been shaped with merciless hands yet has not been tainted by apathy. Her perspective gives way to audaciousness of hope.

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