Vernon McAuley

United States

Vernon McAuley’s formal art training began in 1968, the year during which he attended the School of Visual Arts in NYC and majored in painting. He also attended Fordham University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1973. Subsequently he also earned a Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1983 at New York’s Stony Brook University. This field of study allowed him to have a more direct impact on his environment and the human condition. In addition, it has greatly influenced his work as an artist. Conversely, considering himself a self-taught musician, playing the saxophone has always been in the foreground as well as background of his life, both to pay for his art education and support his creative interests. After exhibiting in various galleries about NYC and its five boroughs, in 1989 he broadened his creative palette to include working in the medium of sculpture. Having gained control of this medium in a short amount of time, in 1993 he was commissioned to create a life size bronze bust of fallen Medal of Honor recipient “Garfield M. Langhorn”. This memorial sits permanently in front of Town Hall in Riverhead New York. His ongoing drawing series “Sticks & Stones” in which he reduces the human figure to just a few lines and a dot was first published 1987 by Dexter Griffith Press, Pearl River NY. Continuing to participate and exhibit his work in various art venues in New York and the Metropolitan area, as well as making himself available to private collectors, Vernon currently lives and works out of his home and studio in Selden, New York.

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