Sydney McConney


Sydney McConney is a Barbadian artist that explores identity and  personal expression. Her aim is to tell a story or make a statement, relating to serious situations in her life, using cartoony illustrations. She mainly works with digital media, acrylic on canvas and pen and ink. She has exhibited works at the Barbados Community College - for her portfolio exhibition, Firefly - organized by the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries (BCSI) , Non-Traditional Exhibition (CAFA Fair), Reality Exhibition and Free Space Exhibition – curated by Zoe Osborne and Show The World + Friends Exhibition – curated by Delyt. Her art education is ongoing; first attending the Barbados Community College in 2017 for two years, receiving her Associate’s Degree in Visual Arts. She then went on to her first year of her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and withdrew from the program after a year to pursue an education in 3D Animation and VFX at the Vancouver Film School; graduating in August, 2021. She plans to pursue an education in 2D animation next.

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