Sasha-Kay Nicole


Sasha-Kay Nicole was born in St Andrew Jamaica, in 1995. She currently resides in Downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Sasha-Kay is a recent graduate of Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts (EMCVPA) in Kingston, Jamaica with a honours degree in  Interdisciplinary Studies. Her very Autobiographical but Interdisciplinary social art practice explores deep feminist conceptual thoughts relating to socio-political concerns as a black Jamaican woman/girl. In her practice as a Visual artist, she uses skills to make interdisciplinary works in digital art and photography. But her practice has expanded to include other disciplines, digital projections, video art, sound, and installation. Sasha-Kay has exhibited works in a few exhibitions namely: Manifestations, EMCVPA Student exhibition at CAG[e] Gallery, [Un]finished (2019), and I resume the struggle at Olympia Art gallery in Jamaica (2021-2022).  In 2021 she was a part of the inaugural La Practica, a group residency at New Local Space (Kingston/Jamaica).

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