Patricia Stuart


“My art is inspired by the environment I grew up in. I was raised by Barbadian grandparents who nurtured and tended a colorful garden in the front and back yard of our house in Washington Heights, New York City. My grandmother’s appreciation for color was seen in the pink and blue floral linoleum in the living room- the pink slip covers on the sofa really stood out. The beautiful, colorful flowers in the garden was such a delight to see. I loved to just stare at them. Morning Glories, pink and white Carnations, Chrysanthemums and Roses were among some of the flowers she grew. I was surrounded by color growing up. I didn’t know it back then, but my love for art grew out of that colorful environment. I spent a lot of my free time drawing and coloring as a child. Eventually, all of that culminated into a passion for Arts and Crafts. I went from painting in art journals to painting on canvas. My paintings reflect anything that I have found to be beautiful in life. Being able to express that artistically, is a privilege and a blessing! Painting aspects of my heritage is of utmost importance because it allows me to make profound statements as I shed light on a much-needed subject. My work has been exhibited multiple times in libraries, and galleries. I am compelled to paint and create art because art tells the stories that need to be told!”

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