Nicole Metzger


Nicole Metzger is a visual artist with works in acrylic and oil paint, as well asdabbling with watercolour and ceramics. Through her art you will see stories oflove, family matters, travel, determination, and independence. Nicole grew upin Saskatchewan, Canada where she was always painting and drawing from a youngage but started dedicating herself to learn painting techniques 8 years ago.This was after she completed her accounting designation and realized she had ahuge hole from lack of creativity, so she learnt to use art to balance a blackand white career. This career moved Nicole from Canada to Barbados in 2017,where she currently resides. She has shared her love of art by teachingpainting classes in many Manitoba communities in Canada.   Major projects in recent yearshave included illustrating two published children’s books and building acreative brand with a variety of artistic products.

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