Marlène Million-Desvigne


Marlène MILLON-DESVIGNES is one of those artists who create works that call each one to seize and wear them. Originally from the town of Morne-Rouge, Marlène MILLON-DESVIGNES is one of eleven siblings, all in close connection with theLand and the Tradition Martiniquaises on the one hand, and the Ancestral Lands on the other hand. It is a parental and ancestral heritage that this great lady honors brilliantly with these inspired textile works adorned with motifs unique in the world. Tunics, dresses, trousers, accessories are made and hand painte done by one with the pattern which will have been inspired to the designer the same day. The result is unique accessorized outfits that accurately reflect tastes and personality, and especially the commitment of the wearer.Self-taught but clearly endowed with an indisputable gift, the success of this work first of all confidential, even intimate, has exceeded the hopes of that great Lady Marlene MILLON-DESVIGNES. This is how the company Imat's creations was born today which offers more than 200 designs and accessories

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