Joachim McMillan


Joachim McMillan was born on the beautiful Caribbean Islandof Grenada, with beautiful landscapes and seascapes at every angle. Since then,he believed that extraordinary things can evolve from the ordinary. With thismind-set combined with his passion to nurture his creative intelligence, heventured out into the world, creating a significant presence and making anotable contribution in art shows all across the US and internationally. He isa self-taught artist who epitomizes true raw talent. Using an impressionisticstyle, he constantly experiments with his art. Hence, he brings to the world a vibrantart style that explores the energy of life through color and texture. Hispaintings reflect the multi-faceted nature of the world in which we live and heachieves this by dissecting his paintings with energetic strokes using paletteknives. Working with oils on canvas, his art stimulates curiosity and intrigue.This avant-garde style of art is unparalleled and so too is the skill ofmerging his art with a fashion brand. He is also part of the Crypto ArtMovement which promotes the use of art as a form of storage for digitalcurrencies like Bitcoin. The paintings include a cold wallet at the back whichfacilitates the storing of Bitcoin offline. All this represents the ingenuityof Joachim McMillan, a cutting-edge, world class artist and designer whose artis simply timeless.

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