JD Baez

Jamaica/Puerto Rico

JD Baez is a Caribbean born, Brooklyn bred, multi-disciplinary artist that has relocated to Houston. JD strives to capture the beauty of his culture using vibrant colors, symbolic compositions and the sense of regality. He is well known in New York City and Philadelphia for his beautiful expressions of the black woman and being able to capture their very glow and essence using the various colors of their skin and reflections of light dancing off of their cheeks. His pallet also extends to vibrant portraits and his literally show stopping augmented art pieces. Recently his values have changed since starting a family and because his art is a reflection of him, it has extended and grown just like his life. So, he has portrayed life, children, marriage and the world’s views with beauty and grace that a lot of us have forgotten during these times. Though it feels like we are unable to escape these negative circumstances that are happening in our society right now, JD’s art provides a certain level of peace away from the chaos, if even for a moment, which is what he strives to do on a daily basis.

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