Essud (Cappy) Fungcap


Fungcap studied at the Soho Art Center in New York in the 70’s then moved on to Florida where he took courses at the Coral Gables Museum of Art. Later he decided to study Visual Communications and Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Houston, Texas. In addition to showing his work in the United States and abroad, he maintains his strength through teaching and personalized study (Art Students League of New York). His images have been published in magazines worldwide. In 1993 He was invited to the Chicago Cultural Center during the “Meeting of theTwo Worlds” event. He has also received numerous national awards including Manhattan Arts International Magazine’s and the Chicago Museum's Honorable Mention for creativity. In July, 1998, he was invited to appear on the ABC channel "In Depth Program” with Wess Sarginssen to talk about his works and impressions. In February, 1999, he was invited to exhibit at the Atlanta State Capitol where he met with Governor Georges Barnes and Mayor Bill Campbell. In March, 2000, he was invited to appear on the FOX/TV program “Good Day Atlanta” “Francophonie 2000”. In March, 2001, NBC/TV Atlanta featured him as “Artist of the Month” on their official website”, followed by a feature during Howard University’s artist awareness week. His works are included in many prestigious private and public collections and are very highly demanded amongst Art Lovers.

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