Coronado Print Studio

United States

Rooted in the philosophy of creating art in the community, the Coronado print studio is not only a fine art printmaking studio, but also a space where artists can shed boundaries and barriers to engage in open dialogues around history, identity, and important issues of our time. PepeCoronado, the master printer at the studio, believes that “printmaking, by nature, is a collaborative medium. It’s a community-oriented art form.” Based on this principle, Pepe founded the studio in 2006. In 2015, it settled in the vibrant neighborhood of East Harlem and later relocated to Austin, Texas in2019. The studio’s prime goal is to collaborate because we believe that voices and stories are most powerful when seen and heard collectively. The power of art motivates the studio to reach out to and engage with diverse institutions and sectors, both nationally and internationally. An interconnectivity of diverse artistic disciplines is a necessary catalyst to ripple art into theAmerican social imagination. By gaining visibility around the country and beyond, the studio invites the attention back to its works, thereby imprinting louder voices of diverse narratives, and broadening the definition of contemporary American art.

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