Brandon K. Best


"Growing up I was always fascinated by the creative work of television, and especially animation. It being so easy to pick up a pencil and draw, that’s where it all started for me, as early as 8 years old. By the timeI reached my teens I was at least curious about painting, but I was surrounded by extraordinarily talented painters from around the world in my class, and this deterred my confidence to paint, so I continued to draw instead; up until 2016. 2017 was the year I discovered my love for oil pastels, which brought my love for drawing with vibrant color & versatile texture; this was the prerequisite of what lead to my painting style. 2 years later in November of 2019 I did take up painting and just doing what I felt was right and true to me. I knew from the beginning that I had to stand out, be different and push the limits of the local norm. Playing my most favorite tracks from Mf Doom, Kanye, Earl Sweatshirt, John Coltrane along with experimental hop-hop and jazz allowed me to work in a trance, with a rhythm that carried my acrylic paint across wood (in the beginning I didn’t have money for canvases, so I used any wooden surfaces my neighbors could spare). The drive to paint came from me trying to find something in my personal life that actually worked and I had control of. Overtime, as I was coming out of a bad place, my artwork began to be less rigid & chaotic, more balanced, harmonic and personal; making references to my experiences as a waiter, a bartender, and observations as a young man in Barbados."

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