Anthony Romain

United States

Anthony Romain was born in Chicago and later moved to Harlem, New York. From an early age he demonstrated a knack for drawing amazing pieces and his father encouraged him to develop this extraordinary gift by buying him his first paint set and camera. His high school art teacher Mr. Thomas Laidman, also encouraged and influenced him and under his guidance, Romain was subsequently awarded a scholarship to New York University. Later, he transferred to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He graduated with a B.A degree in design in 1971, with a concentration in photography, graphic arts and package design. Returning to New York, he furthered his education by attending the Fashion Institute of Technology where he studied graphics, and at Manhattan Community College where he studied corporate and cable communication. His art is greatly influenced by his formative years and world travels. He is able to create joy, pain and despair with his use of brilliant acrylics, pastels and eye-catching detail, allowing his artwork to be viewed in a more realistic and impressive manner. His art has been on exhibition in New York and New Jersey.

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