Anna Gibson


“I’m a Barbadian contemporary artist who explores multiple mediums, crafting images of body manipulation through realism and expressionism. I have been practicing for over 5 years completing my BFA in2017. I have been able to participate in some local (Barbados) group exhibitions at The Punch Creative Arena, UN women ‘1in3 Art Exhibition’ at theUN House Barbados, ‘Young Artist’ at The Barbados Arts Council Art Gallery and more. My artwork is routed in exploring women’s’ bodies and their relationship between our cultural, racial, and social environment. Focusing on insecurities, my artwork explores and exposes the vulnerabilities women have about their differences to each other, and how they seek to mentally and physically mask or morph their bodies, in an obsessive process of evolving, using various beautification methods to achieve acceptance. These embellished females exist in and out of decorative gardens, reflecting their internal process of growth, using themes of destruction and rebirth from the story of narcissus.”

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