Alexis Alleyne-Caputo


Bahamian-American, anthropologist, researcher, and award-winning interdisciplinary artist Alexis Alleyne-Caputo lives and works in Miami, Florida, and New York City.  She received her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Goddard College and holds a Master of Arts (MA) and Bachelor of Science (BS/MA dual studies) from New York University and is engaged in research of the Caribbean region. 

Her visual narratives include architecture, mixed media collage, painting, photography, sculpture, and film.  The intersections of her artistic practice explore themes of black female identity, black feminisms, critical black studies, oceanic studies, familial and cultural kinship, social justice, and art education and reparations.

Selected solo exhibitions are Colonial Currents: Black Women, Water, Trauma, and Baptism (2020, 2021), Black Acoustic Narratives (2018), "Art Transforming Trauma"(2017).  Selected group exhibitions are Bakanal De Afrique & Afro Urban Society (2020), "Latin American Art Pavilion Project (LAAP) -DOCUMENTA III” (2019), “Cri de Femmes – Outremer 2019 à’ Paris, A l’ Assemblée Nationale” Paris, France (2019).

She has received fellowships, residencies, and awards from Bakanal De Afrique & Afro Urban Society (2020), Foundation for Contemporary Arts (2020), Yarde Girl PHILANTHROPY-Barbados (2020), UNLIMITED BODIES: PERFORMA Biennial, NY (2019), CATALYST Miami (2019) and the Artist Certificate of Appreciation from the Miami-Dade County Office of The Mayor & County Commissioners (2016).

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