Akilah Watts


Akilah works with a number of media including drawing, painting, mixed media, sculpture as well as high and low relief paintings.Akilah has exhibited locally (Barbados) in a number of group exhibitions at ThePunch Creative Arena, the Frame & Art Co., Grande Salle Central Bank ofBarbados), The Crane Gallery and in a few other spaces. She has also been featured in a few local publications such as the Easy magazine and the Exporter magazine. Some of her works deal with pop culture and cultural exchange as well as Barbadian folklore and traditions through ideas of play and souvenirs.Watts’ new works touch on issues such as race, culture as well as ideas of belonging and beauty. Akilah has started pursuing her dream of showing around the world, starting with showing in Prizm Art Fair 2017 in Miami and participating in a mail art exhibition in Romania in 2018. In March of 2019, Akilah exhibited in her first solo show entitled ‘Barbadiana Nostalgia’. Her work has since been exhibited frequently internationally and entered a number of important private collections.

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